If I told you today to put your website up and leave it alone, alone alone, [without being able to change a single thing] for 5 years would you?! F**k no and you wouldn’t, excuse your language 😂

Would you design the same tee for 5 years straight? Likely not.

Read backdated trends reports for the latest advice? No.

So why do brands spend years working on perfecting their brand strategy and positioning and then leave it as an anchor for teams to sink with?

Today’s reality is that things move fast. New paradigms emerge. Chat GPT3, TikTok, global pandemics, bank collapses. Good brands chase great brands, nipping at heels. Two things are true: Everything moves quickly today. And there’s always someone new coming for you (if you are doing it right).

So what is a brand to do? 

Keep moving. Keep growing. 

Get active 

The problem is, times have changed but the approach to brand positioning has not.

Traditional Positioning = A strategy exercise to define what makes your brand distinctive. It’s often a C-Suite activity and not truly an integral part of every decision a brand makes day to day. Teams often lack the clarity of how the positioning affects everyday decisions leading to reactive decisions that don’t move you forward.

But what if you approach positioning in an active way?

The Active Position = Taking traditional positioning and going one step further. Putting your brand distinction into action in every day and extraordinary ways.

Sounds great, right? It is. 

It is a center for your evolving brand.

There are so many benefits to this approach:

  1. Your brand remains relevant and growth feels distinctive.
  2. Every action you take is a step forward—less chaos and more clarity.
  3. It helps you retain and maintain challenger brand status.
  4. Relationships with your existing customers get stronger, new audiences constantly and consistently get to see what makes you different
  5. And the icing on the cake? Internal alignment and clarity means your team is always ready to execute—content, product and creation comes easier. 

Singular brand visions are dead. 

Singular muse died a long time ago. 

And static brand positions are dead too.

Welcome to the world of an Active Position. 

The world is waiting for you to evolve.