Something about the fact that 2020 is coming — hello decade of let’s-do-this — has made us want to codify some of the things we’ve learned and cultivated since we started about five years ago.

At a recent offsite — in Ojai, the place made for reflection! — we, as a team, workshopped the keys to what kind of teamwork makes the dream work. Since IGC’s inception, we’ve put protecting our culture above everything. Without it, we believe that our team suffers, our work suffers and our clients don’t get what they’re paying for — a dedicated, excited, hell-yeh-it’s-Monday-every-Monday team behind their project.

These foundational principles, tenets, things-we-love and work-wisdoms are what keep us happy, on track and making our best work. So we thought: why not share!

Grow, baby, grow
Everything can be taken one step further, right?! Always take the idea — the just-a-seed-of-a-thought — water it, tend to it, and watch it grow. In short, be proactive and own things — we’re not the ‘just enough’ or ‘that’s not my job’ sort of company.

No need for big reveals
With a remote team, over-communication is what keeps the ship afloat. Share what you’re working on and share it often. When in doubt, get on the phone — hello, human connection.

The magic happens when you plan for it
Great ideas become reality when someone can lay out the plan and make it happen. We’re solution-oriented not just detail-oriented.

Add your value
We’re a tiny team and there’s SO much to take on (or off!) someone’s plate. Add your value, share your worth, we believe you’re a person we can’t live without.

Done is better than perfect
We’re young, nimble and quick. We think a million things a minute and try new ideas fast. Sure, we might stumble or fail, but every with experience we’ll know more and can use those learning to just move on to the next. We fall, we get up. We iterate, we make. Let’s get stuff out there!

Make room for the job you want
We want you to grow, but first find a way to do the job you have to make room for the job you want! When you’re thriving — so is the team. Help us help you evolve to make this your dream job.

Match the intention, then innovate
Sometimes things are done a certain way because they’ve worked. We follow the 3-months of no-changes rule — learn the movement of the herd then show us how if it can be done better.

Spread the good vibes and read the room
It’s ok, to be honest with where you’re at (hey, everybody has bad days)but be mindful of how it can affect others. It’s 100% ok to speak your mind and vent, but do it with purpose and be aware of when/where you’re sharing — be mindful of the receivers energy too. Try to avoid negative head trash — it’s contagious!

Fall off the bike and get back on. Off the horse and keep riding. Take a moment, lick your wounds, learn from it — but keep moving forward! It’s a simple thing, really — yet no less difficult and awe-inspiring. In the end, I suspect it’s all that falling down that makes the landing feel so very good. 

Time is precious
Our time is precious and we know yours is too. Be considerate when sending emails, setting meetings or meet ups. Make it easy for people to unplug when they are unplugged. Make it meaningful when you want their attention. Always have an agenda and never have meetings about meetings.

Call it when you see it
And do it quickly. Address it, then move on. Don’t let things fester. Always keep the momentum.

Work is work
We’re here to work and we’re proud of our work ethic. We work hard and also set boundaries that allow us to live full, fun and present personal lives. Don’t hide or avoid asking for the space you need. We’re transparent with each other about these boundaries and always aim to do the same with clients.

Fearlessness is a practice
Question everything. We love to do new things and we always figure them out. We do things we aren’t experts at and we lead clients into new territories fearlessly. Remember: no one ever became great without first being brave.

Let’s be pioneers
Because we have to be. Must be. And it’s simply the right thing to do. We are a team of doers that believe that the work that we do can change the world. Pack your idealism and come along for the ride.

Tell us about your own tenants! Find us @instagoodcompany or on LinkedIn to continue the conversation, or keep reading and let us know what you think. IN GOOD CO is a culture-conscious brand consultancy championing passion and purpose.