We believe that spending time on vacation, participating in your civic duties, having awkward or awesome family-time over the holidays and paid parental leave are AWESOME.

So let’s end the sadness of writing apologetic OOO messages and let’s bring on an era of showing your humanity and celebrating your time with great OOO templates.

Bonus points if they make others smile and want to give you a high five.



  • [Insert Elevator Music here] I’m OOO and will get back to you promptly upon my return. ’Til then, I appreciate your patience. You’re welcome.
  • Who needs Wifi when you’re on a beach sipping frozen margs? I beg for patience while I enjoy this rare moment of blissful inactivity. Thanks in advance.
  • Got any hot tips for travel in XXPLACE? I’m on vacation ’til XXDATE and am trying hard to avoid all non-travel-tip-related correspondence while I’m away. I will pick up with you again upon my return. Thanks for your patience in the meantime. Wish me luck.


I’m OOO doing my best Law & Order impersonation #juryduty. Response time set to Bureaucratic Sloth.



Sipping eggnog. Ignoring inbox. Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season.



Hey, baby!

No — really. I’m currently taking [maternal / paternal ] leave!

Fear not, I have a superhero squad backing me up, ready to swoop in and handle every detail so I’m not in the least bit tempted to check in when I should be napping or snacking, instead. All existing clients have a dedicated contact — you should have been introduced already — but you can always reach out to jane@insertcohere.com with anything. If you’re new to [Insert Co Name Here] and hoping to work together: 1) Props on your expert level internet sleuthing, and 2) Jane is still your woman. We’ll make it happen.

Current mood set to: [Insert favorite GIF here]

[your name]

PS — Can I get a cheers to paid parental leave? Damn proud to work with some of the good guys. Email hello@insertcohere.com if you gotta know more. Don’t be shy. We love it.

Send us your favorite OOO replies and let us know if you end up using of ours! hello@weareingoodco.com