NEWSFLASH: Action verbs are where it’s at. Register. Write. Call. Volunteer. Read. Speak. Do. And staying active and “getting involved” is about doing, as much as it’s about knowing. And you have to start somewhere. Here are a few things we’re doing—and urging everyone we know to do, too:

  • First things first, get yourself registered to vote +  find your polling location.  Be a little bit of a busy body and chat with friends, colleagues, and family members to make sure everyone you know is registered to vote. Local elections are just as, if not more important than national ones!

  • Stay in the know! I Side With is a great resource to understand both sides of an issue.  Staying open-minded is vital! Check it out here:

  • Reach out. Find the contact information for your representative or senator, and give them a ring to chat about an issue that’s important to you. We love CallMyCongress because no matter where you reside in the US, they make it easy to find your representatives + senators, and how to contact them whether it’s their phone numbers or twitter handles.

  • Take a spin around Countable, an app that is designed to help you stay up to date all active legislation, see how your lawmakers are voting, and make your voice heard.

  • Making an impact on a local level builds community in a really important way.  We love Volunteer Match because it’s simple to filter opportunities based on type,  frequency, and location— making it easier than ever to find something to get involved with that not only resonates with you, but is going to be something you can stick with for the long haul.

  • Band together. Talk to your friends about the issues. Talk to strangers about the issues. Join forces with other people making shit happen. With StayWoke, you can join a team of learners, builders, and activists on topics like policy, elections, even design.

  • Offer up your skills. If you’re a designer, writer, brander, social media expert… guess what? You can put your talents to work for a good cause. WeThos matches nonprofits (typically understaffed and low on resources) with skilled freelancers that care and want to make an impact.

  • One way we love to send a little positive energy in to the world is through an awesome project called ‘To Love Ourselves’. Women from all corners of the globe can come together to support a young woman in need. 

And always, support the ACLU! It’s easy to donate or set up a recurring donation, and anything helps!