It’s a shame, really: Once we graduate from school and enter the workforce, the focus shifts from learning… to executing. But by now we all know that continuing to learn and expand our horizons is a critical piece of the creative puzzle. Curiosity is an asset, and making space to explore new things enriches our lives—professional, and far beyond. Whether it’s a new skill that is sure to benefit our day-to-day job, or a side hobby we’ve always wanted to start—or, even, learning to meditate or manifest—staying curious increases creativity, opens our minds, and inspires us.  Read on for a few of our preferred ways to learn something new…




The perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon? Check! From floral arrangements to calligraphy—to baking the most delicious sourdough bread and even mastering PR for creative entrepreneurs—we especially love when classes are small and very hands on, allowing you to immerse yourself and learn from an expert (not to mention ‘network’ with the people you’re sitting next to!). Even if the craft seems totally “random” to you, dive in! You never know what you’ll learn—or who you’ll meet.


A few we like:

Poketo Workshops

Makers Mess Workshops

King’s Roost

Make Workshop

Brooklyn Brainery

Airbnb Experiences



Then there’s the types of classes you wish they had offered in college…  Whether you’re hoping to learn to code or master digital marketing, enrolling in a class can arm you with new skills and open new doors. General Assembly, for example, is a global community initiative with 20 campus around the world. They offer online and on-campus courses, as well as community events and meetups. Masterclass offers online video-based classes to learn from the greats—and we mean the greats—photography from Annie Liebovitz, writing from R.L. Stein or Judy Blume, filmmaking from Spike Lee… you get the idea!


General Assembly



Do Lectures

School of Life



Whether you’re a freelancer who works from home—or working a 9-5 job everyday—finding community can be a challenge. Attending lectures, special events, or casual meetups can be a great way to connect with your creative community and expand your interests. OKReal hosts Mentor Circles, bringing together a close-knit group of women around a topic, like Transitions or New Beginnings. WeQuilt hosts Coffee + Chat gatherings in the comfort of home, while Creative Mornings, a breakfast lecture series that’s held all over the world, focuses on individual stories with universal themes like courage and curiosity. Quiet Mornings, a recurring event hosted at the MOCA museum in Los Angeles, brings together art appreciation and meditation.




Creative Mornings

Quiet Mornings



Mindfulness is more important than ever before. We’re busy, stressed, and distracted. No surprise then that this can leave us feeling creatively sapped and totally uninspired. Maybe your work is suffering, or your health—or maybe you just have a hunch you can and should feel better. If you’re in need of a spiritual refresh, or are seeking new and improved tools to help you put your best foot forward—well, seek and ye shall find, right? A new crop of online workshops that feel at once totally modern (hello, convenience) and yet rooted in ancient wisdoms help connect, go deep, and grow.


Free & Native

Fields of Study

Communal LA