First, let us say that the word ‘marketing’ may need a rebrand — but that’s for another time. Our clients often come to us with questions like “what works with Millennials?” or “how do we reach Gen Z?” But in our mind, ‘marketing’ has never been easier.

Here’s why:

Millennials and Gen Z expect a lot in and from their lives. Their unique set of experiences and exposures means that these expectations extend through everything — jobs, relationships, experiences, the brands they support and the things they buy. This group has the same high expectations for brands and businesses as they might for their dream jobs and close personal relationships. And really, the insight is right in front of us — it lies in the brands these consumers wear, follow, love, and share. It’s not a mystery at all!

Everlane —

Here’s what we’ve learned matters most:

  • Purpose, a feeling of connection, trust, and transparency are no longer a “nice to have” — it’s a total make-or-break piece of the puzzle. This group doesn’t simply appreciate transparency, accountability, authenticity, etc., they require it. So you better make it a part of your business plan.

Glossier —

  • Here’s the best part: This generation rewards brands committed to these practices. Straight up. They will go to bat for your brand if they believe in you.


  • In the world of “marketing,” that’s the magic right there. Of course, the catch is that you cannot make these things out of thin air, and you can’t manufacture enthusiasm. Nope, you won’t be able to seed genuine passion and belief in a product, brand, or even a mission. But the recipe is spelled out — you just have to read it.

Reformation —