If you haven’t heard, we’re big on brand experience. We believe everything from your social presence to your brick-and-mortar needs to tell a consistent story. But consistency doesn’t mean boring. Here are three examples of great types of brand experiences that fans are looking for.


Icelandair recently announced a new program that gives travelers a personal ‘Stopover Buddy’ when they take an extended layover over in Iceland. Travelers can choose insider experiences like going fishing for your own dinner and other ‘Icelandic’ experiences. Consumers want one-of-a-kind, give-my-friends-FOMO experiences and this program is amazing way to creating lasting fans of the brand.



On our most recent trip to NYC we stopped by the new Samsung 837 store in the Meatpacking. While the space is clearly taking a page from Apple by creating a low-sell environment, it is upping the ante by providing immersive experiences with a personal twist. Check out our Head of Strategy ‘inside’ her instagram feed. We always say people love mirrors (serious, people LOVE mirrors) but, beyond that, they love moments that put them at the center of a brand, with easy opportunities to share that experience with their friend.



The Bite pop-up, turned brick-and-mortar, has been around for a while but it is a great example of how to give the instant gratification people are looking for, combined with custom product that makes that come back for more. The store lets guests created a custom lip color with a Bite Lab guide and then turn it into a stick of lipstick in under 5 minutes (below are two shades in the making). Pretty game-changing. Adding a digital extension to this store would make it perfection.



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