Double high five people! It’s week 4 and that means tenet #4 is inspiring us today.

We founded IN GOOD CO on 5 tenets. To ensure these stay top of mind, for the next few weeks we’ll look back on one tenet and add a splash of inspiration to bring them to life.

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  • Obsessing over the homepage of Toronto-based agency Tung. Biggest problem: Trying to make yourself stop watching.

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  • This is a few weeks old by now but saying we’re mildly obsessed with this would be putting it lightly. Prepare to lose an hour designing insanely awesome wigs. Of course it’s by the V&A in London.


  • CES is always stocked full of gadgets we want, like now, but how excited are you for the prospect of better in-flight wifi. Very fucking excited we’d say. Flights = 110% uninterrupted, beautiful productivity around here.

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One more tenet to go! Stay tuned next week for that but in the meantime check us out and sign up for our newsletter to get other awesome updates.

Have an awesome day everyone!