Week 3 people! This means we are officially ready to give a half way high-five! Like we’ve said for the past two week (check out our old posts too!), we founded IN GOOD CO on 5 tenets. To ensure these stay top of mind, for the next few weeks we’ll look back on one tenet and add a splash of inspiration to bring them to life.

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  • A lot of people are saying micro interactions are going to be a big trend in 2016. We totally agree, not only are they a big plus for user experience, we love things that add a little unexpected happiness to the everyday. Small moves, big impact.

Image Source: WebDesignerDepot.com

  • Don’t get us wrong, practicality has its place but dreaming big is where it’s at. Timothy Sykes turned his passion into an amazing career that lets him live the dream but he didn’t get there by thinking one penny at a time.

Image Source: achieveicon.com

  • It goes without saying that we are huge Yves Behar fans but this new Kodak product balances the past and present with a sensibility that makes us drool.

Image Source: fastcodesign.com

  • Our clients, and sometimes our friends, might think we’re a broken record given how much we preach transparency and authenticity. Our friend, and CEO of BeautyCounter.com, Gregg Renfrew has a great piece on Fortune.com that sums up many of our feelings. And the part about ‘renaissance’ employees ❤

Photo Credit: unsplash.com by Jordan McQueen

Have an awesome day everyone! And don’t forge to say hi.