Welcome to the Final Part of 3 Steps to An Inspiring Work Culture (For Real). Check out Part 1: Feel Good, Do Good, and Part 2: Aspire to Inspire in case you missed it!




Part 3: How might we…get messy

What fun is it coloring inside the lines? We all know the real magic is in going a little crazy AND having the freedom to do so.

Flexibility is a big part of our evolution and growth. And nothing is worse than a stale environment — yikes. When it comes to business, this extends from the people you hire and the processes in place to the questions you ask during brainstorms.




Google, Facebook, and IDEO all use the same phrase when workshopping ideas: “How might we.” This simple framing device — especially the power of the word “might” — shifts focus away from the ‘right answer’ and the world of possibility. It invites participation and has an optimism to it that “How should we” simply doesn’t.




Other exercises we use:

  • Power hour brainstorms so no one gets stuck. These are always alone and then we come together as a group
  • Abstract it. Taking an image. Abstracting it. Abstract that again, abstract that again. 90% of the time this exercise is just to get us to make something new so we don’t get stuck in a rut
  • Avoiding the ‘template’. It can be tempting, especially for agencies, to use a template when making decks or other documents. BUT, by following a template, you ‘do’ rather than think. While we have brand standards in place, we always start with a fresh page so that the format, content, and execution of everything we create responds to the current problem, rather than our last piece of work.