Welcome to Part 2 of 3 Steps to An Inspiring Work Culture (For Real). Check out Part 1: Feel Good, Do Good in case you missed it!




Part 2. Aspire to Inspire

Play in one sandbox and you’ll only make the same sand castles…

Did you know that seemingly unrelated knowledge has the power to drive creativity and make the work we do better? This makes sense… after all, the work we do doesn’t exist in a vacuum and great ideas can come anywhere!

Sharing knowledge, broadening our horizons, and learning is a huge part of building teams that are innovative and push your company forward.




Here’s what you can do (tried and tested by our amazing team and a few of our awesome clients)

  • Make learning and inspiration a part of your work culture. Invite creative collaborators and industry thinkers to give lunchtime talks and host team roundtable discussions. Organize office offsites to cool exhibitions, special events, performances, even a factory or somewhere else related to the work you’re doing every day.
  • Hey, why not start an office Slack channel or newsletter where people can share the latest article, podcast, even song that had them feeling inspired?
  • We pay for our employees to attend classes and experiences that will inspire. Like create cultivate, general assembly courses etc. to meet new people, learn new skills.
  • We’re avid readers. From Do Lecture books, to inspirational novels, Taste the Style and everything in between, we share — and we share often.